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practices in the imaginary: each day i must think of 20, 50 people [Suppedaneum]

by Luke Martin & LCollective

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Week 1 20:34
Week 2 24:07
Week 3 31:06
Week 4 21:24
Week 5 21:43
Week 6 26:52
Week 8 25:50


'practices in the imaginary' was released in November 2022 on Suppedaneum (www.suppedaneum.com), with LCollective, as a digital download + 42-page booklet. There are still a number of books remaining on the Suppedaneum bandcamp. You're welcome to purchase the digital here (see Suppedaneum for price reference if you'd like), or on Suppedaneum's bandcamp: suppedaneum.bandcamp.com/album/practices-in-the-imaginary-each-day-i-must-think-of-20-50-people

Description from Suppedaneum:
"Across eight weeks in the autumn and winter of 2020-2021, a group of friends—separated from one another as a result of the pandemic—performed a simple, shared activity. Using Luke Martin’s elegant score as a guide, Doug Farrand, Assaf Gidron, Rachel Mangold, Teodora Stepančić, and Martin each made concise lists of those individuals—whether living or dead, real or imaginary—with whom they found themselves conversing in their heads. They jotted down names, fragments of memories, locations, and dates. Once each week, they recorded themselves reading the accumulated texts aloud or silently, arranging the lists, and writing new ones. At each new iteration, options were given for reading the lists, making a sustained sound, or remaining silent for each previously completed page. The lists were photographed, and each week’s recordings were subsequently layered to create a palimpsest of voices, silences, memories, and distances. The patient unfolding of these recordings reveals surprising and often beautiful juxtapositions as networks of overlapping influences, mutual friendships, and shared solitudes are delicately traced.

This release includes a booklet presenting images of each of the lists, the score by Luke Martin that guided the process, and a download code to access the recordings for each of the eight weeks."

A short writing from me included with booklet:
"What would happen if I paid attention to the multiplicity of people, memories, places, and so on, streaming through my head at any moment, underneath every word, every decision, every step? What if I did it with a group of friends (which somehow makes more sense than alone)? This was the initial question that prompted writing the piece we have here. The swarm, how to listen to the swarming. Of course, the swarming descends infinitely: multiples within multiples within multiples. How do you, then, decide what comes out of the swarm? Without losing the obvious and beautiful fact that it is undecidable, that it is inconsistent: what is? The piece is not so much about who or what is remembered, written, or said, but rather the ethics of being seized by and seizing a decision, the articulation of a time and history which is unjustifiable and not-one. In other words, the making of a mark, a sound, a silence. Did something arise in this practice—we do not know with certainty—that could only be 'named' without content, a discontinuity somehow testified to without reduction (whether in sound, silence, or speech)? Could it only happen by way of a coincidence of multiple articulations, a collective and contingent moment within the group both in witness to and sustaining that 'thing' which could not be captured, that thing somewhere wandering and winding through our sound, silence, and speech? If it doesn't obscure it, the swarming may reveal, without reason, a glimpse of this strange wound, the flickering presence of an inconsistent scar; and only as strangers—that is, as friends: those who sustain and care for their mutual strangeness, their richness—can we give it welcome."


released November 29, 2022

Composed by Luke Martin

Performed by LCollective: Doug Farrand, Assaf Gidron, Rachel Mangold, Teodora Stepančić, & Luke Martin

Mixed by Luke Martin.

Thanks to Teodora, Assaf, Doug, and Rachel for the beautiful recordings and for spending time listening together over these weeks.

Thanks to Manfred for the inspiring discussions.


all rights reserved


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